Organisation and Packages

The Fyne project is split into many packages, each providing different types of functionality. They are as follows:
This import provides the basic definitions common to all Fyne code
including data types and interfaces.
The app package provides the APIs that start a new application.
Normally you only require app.New() or app.NewWithID().
The canvas package provides all of the drawing APIs within Fyne.
The complete Fyne toolkit is made up of these primitive graphical types.
The container package provides containers that are used to lay out and organise applications.
The binding package contains ways of binding data sources to widgets.
The validation package provides tooling for validating data inside widgets.
The dialog package contains dialogs such as confirm, error and file save/open.
The layout package provides various layout implementations for use
with containers (discussed in a later tutorial).
The storage package provides storage access and management functionality.
Applications can be tested more easily using the tools within the test
Most graphical applications are created using a collection of widgets.
All the widgets and interactive elements within Fyne are in this package.