Fyne API "fyne.Container"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2"


type Container

type Container struct {
	Hidden bool // Is this Container hidden

	Layout  Layout         // The Layout algorithm for arranging child CanvasObjects
	Objects []CanvasObject // The set of CanvasObjects this container holds

Container is a CanvasObject that contains a collection of child objects. The layout of the children is set by the specified Layout.

func NewContainer

func NewContainer(objects ...CanvasObject) *Container

NewContainer returns a new Container instance holding the specified CanvasObjects.

Deprecated: Use container.NewWithoutLayout() to create a container that uses manual layout.

func NewContainerWithLayout

func NewContainerWithLayout(layout Layout, objects ...CanvasObject) *Container

NewContainerWithLayout returns a new Container instance holding the specified CanvasObjects which will be laid out according to the specified Layout.

Deprecated: Use container.New() instead

func NewContainerWithoutLayout

func NewContainerWithoutLayout(objects ...CanvasObject) *Container

NewContainerWithoutLayout returns a new Container instance holding the specified CanvasObjects that are manually arranged.

Deprecated: Use container.NewWithoutLayout() instead

func (*Container) Add

func (c *Container) Add(add CanvasObject)

Add appends the specified object to the items this container manages.

Since: 1.4

func (*Container) AddObject

func (c *Container) AddObject(o CanvasObject)

AddObject adds another CanvasObject to the set this Container holds.

Deprecated: Use replacement Add() function

func (*Container) Hide

func (c *Container) Hide()

Hide sets this container, and all its children, to be not visible.

func (*Container) MinSize

func (c *Container) MinSize() Size

MinSize calculates the minimum size of a Container. This is delegated to the Layout, if specified, otherwise it will mimic MaxLayout.

func (*Container) Move

func (c *Container) Move(pos Position)

Move the container (and all its children) to a new position, relative to its parent.

func (*Container) Position

func (c *Container) Position() Position

Position gets the current position of this Container, relative to its parent.

func (*Container) Refresh

func (c *Container) Refresh()

Refresh causes this object to be redrawn in it’s current state

func (*Container) Remove

func (c *Container) Remove(rem CanvasObject)

Remove updates the contents of this container to no longer include the specified object.

func (*Container) Resize

func (c *Container) Resize(size Size)

Resize sets a new size for the Container.

func (*Container) Show

func (c *Container) Show()

Show sets this container, and all its children, to be visible.

func (*Container) Size

func (c *Container) Size() Size

Size returns the current size of this container.

func (*Container) Visible

func (c *Container) Visible() bool

Visible returns true if the container is currently visible, false otherwise.