The List collection widget is one of the toolkit’s collection widgets. These widgets are designed to help build really performant interfaces when lots of data is being presented. You can also see the Table and Tree widgets which have a similar API. Because of this design they are a little more complicated to use.

The List uses callback functions to ask for data when it is required. There are 3 main callbacks, Length, CreateItem and UpdateItem. The Length callback (passed first) is the simplest, it returns how many items are in the data to be presented. The others relate to templates - how graphical elements are created, cached and re-used.

The CreateItem callback returns a new template object. This will be re-used with real data when the widget is presented. The MinSize of this object will influence the List minimum size. Lastly UpdateItem is called to apply an item of data to a cached template. Use this to set the content ready for display.

package main

import (

var data = []string{"a", "string", "list"}

func main() {
	myApp := app.New()
	myWindow := myApp.NewWindow("List Widget")

	list := widget.NewList(
		func() int {
			return len(data)
		func() fyne.CanvasObject {
			return widget.NewLabel("template")
		func(i widget.ListItemID, o fyne.CanvasObject) {