App Metadata

Since release v2.1.0 of the fyne command we support a metadata file that allows you to store information about your application in the repository. This file is optional, but can help to avoid having to remember specific build parameters for each package and release command.

The file should be named FyneApp.toml in the directory where you run the fyne command (this is normally the main package). The contents of the file are as follows:

Website = ""

Icon = "Icon.png"
Name = "My App"
ID = ""
Version = "1.0.0"
Build = 1

The top portion of the file is metadata that will be used if you upload your app to the listing page, so it is optional. The [Details] section contains data about your application that are used in the release process by other app stores and operating systems. The fyne tool will use this file if it is found, many mandatory command parameters are not required if the metadata is present. You can still override these values by using command line parameters.