Widget List

Standard Widgets (in widget package)


Accordion displays a list of AccordionItems. Each item is represented by a button that reveals a detailed view when tapped.


Button widget has a text label and icon, both are optional.


Card widget groups elements with a header and subheader, all are optional.


Check widget has a text label and a checked (or unchecked) icon.


Entry widget allows simple text to be input when focused.

PasswordEntry widget hides text input and adds a button to display the text.


FileIcon provides helpful standard icons for various types of file. It displays the type of file as an indicator icon and shows the extension of the file type.


Form widget is two column grid where each row has a label and a widget (usually an input). The last row of the grid will contain the appropriate form control buttons if any should be shown.

Hyperlink widget is a text component with appropriate padding and layout. When clicked, the URL opens in your default web browser.


Icon widget is a basic image component that load’s its resource to match the theme.


Label widget is a label component with appropriate padding and layout.

Progress bar

ProgressBar widget creates a horizontal panel that indicates progress.

ProgressBarInfinite widget creates a horizontal panel that indicates waiting indefinitely An infinite progress bar loops 0% -> 100% repeatedly until Stop() is called.


RadioGroup widget has a list of text labels and radio check icons next to each.


Select widget has a list of options, with the current one shown, and triggers an event function when clicked.


Select entry widget adds an editable component to the select widget. Users can select an option or enter their own value.


Separator widget shows a dividing line between other elements.


Slider if a widget that can slide between two fixed values.


TextGrid is a monospaced grid of characters. This is designed to be used by a text editor, code preview or terminal emulator.


Toolbar widget creates a horizontal list of tool buttons.

Collection Widgets (in widget package)

Collection widgets provide advanced caching functionality to provide high performance rendering of massive data. This does lead to a more complex constructor, but is a good balance for the outcome it enables. Each of these widgets uses a series of callbacks, the minimum set is defined by their constructor function, which includes the data size, the creation of template items that can be re-used and finally the function that applies data to a widget as it is about to be added to the display.


List provides a high performance vertical scroll of many sub-items.


Table provides a high performance scrolled two dimensional display of many sub-items.


Tree provides a high performance vertical scroll of items that can be expanded to reveal child elements..

Container Widgets (in container package)

Container widgets are like regular containers but they provide some additional functionality.


AppTabs widget allows switching visible content from a list of TabItems. Each item is represented by a button at the top of the widget.


ScrollContainer defines a container that is smaller than the Content.


SplitContainer defines a container whose size is split between two children.