Extending Widgets

The standard Fyne widgets provide the minimum functionality and customisation to support most use-cases. It may be required at certain times to have more advanced functionality. Rather than have developers build their own widgets it is possible to extend the existing ones.

For example we will extend the icon widget to support being tapped. To do this we declare a new struct that embeds the widget.Icon type. We create a constructor function that calls the important ExtendBaseWidget function.

import (

type tappableIcon struct {

func newTappableIcon(res fyne.Resource) *tappableIcon {
	icon := &tappableIcon{}

	return icon

Note: a widget constructor like widget.NewIcon may not be used for extension since it already calls ExtendBaseWidget.

We then add new functions to implement the fyne.Tappable interface, with those functions added the new Tapped function will be called every time the user taps our new icon. The interface required has two functions, Tapped(*PointEvent) and TappedSecondary(*PointEvent), so we will add both.

import "log"

func (t *tappableIcon) Tapped(_ *fyne.PointEvent) {
	log.Println("I have been tapped")

func (t *tappableIcon) TappedSecondary(_ *fyne.PointEvent) {

We can test this new widget using a simple application as follows.

import (

func main() {
	a := app.New()
	w := a.NewWindow("Tappable")