Theme and Customisation

In this page we answer some common questions about the design of Fyne themes and widgets.


Q: How can I change the colour of text for a Label widget?

A: All of the standard widgets use the current Theme definition to set the colour, font and sizes. To make changes to your application consider using a custom theme.

If your application requires text that is a different colour you can use the canvas.Text type instead. That allows directly setting the colour and size of the text. Be careful when doing this because a user can choose between light or dark theme variations, so you should test with both.

Q: How can I remove the background colour from my Entry widget?

A: The input background is set by the theme InputBackground color. You can change that to color.Transparent to remove all input background boxes. It is not possible to edit the style of a single input element - the theme API is designed to give a customisable, but consistent, design.

Theme API

Q: How can I use my custom theme written before v2.0.0?

A: Over time you should consider updating to use the new theme API. However it is possible to use a simple adapter that was included to allow the usage of old themes during the transition time. You will find theme.FromLegacy function that can adapt an old theme instance to the new API.

myTheme := &myOldThemeType{}
updated := theme.FromLegacy(myTheme)

There are no performance penalties when using a theme in this mode, but in a future release this API will be removed.