Fyne API "fyne.Animation"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2"


type Animation

type Animation struct {
	AutoReverse bool
	Curve       AnimationCurve
	Duration    time.Duration
	RepeatCount int
	Tick        func(float32)

Animation represents an animated element within a Fyne canvas. These animations may control individual objects or entire scenes.

Since: 2.0

func NewAnimation

func NewAnimation(d time.Duration, fn func(float32)) *Animation

NewAnimation creates a very basic animation where the callback function will be called for every rendered frame between time.Now() and the specified duration. The callback values start at 0.0 and will be 1.0 when the animation completes.

Since: 2.0

func (*Animation) Start

func (a *Animation) Start()

Start registers the animation with the application run-loop and starts its execution.

func (*Animation) Stop

func (a *Animation) Stop()

Stop will end this animation and remove it from the run-loop.