Fyne API "app"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2/app"

Package app provides app implementations for working with Fyne graphical interfaces. The fastest way to get started is to call app.New() which will normally load a new desktop application. If the “ci” tag is passed to go (go run -tags ci myapp.go) it will run an in-memory application.


func New

func New() fyne.App

New returns a new application instance with the default driver and no unique ID (unless specified in FyneApp.toml)

func NewWithID

func NewWithID(id string) fyne.App

NewWithID returns a new app instance using the appropriate runtime driver. The ID string should be globally unique to this app.

func SetMetadata

func SetMetadata(m fyne.AppMetadata)

SetMetadata overrides the packaged application metadata. This data can be used in many places like notifications and about screens.