Fyne API "canvas.RadialGradient"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2/canvas"


type RadialGradient

type RadialGradient struct {
	StartColor color.Color // The beginning color of the gradient
	EndColor   color.Color // The end color of the gradient
	// The offset of the center for generation of the gradient.
	// This is not a DP measure but relates to the width/height.
	// A value of 0.5 would move the center by the half width/height.
	CenterOffsetX, CenterOffsetY float64

RadialGradient defines a Gradient travelling radially from a center point outward.

func NewRadialGradient

func NewRadialGradient(start, end color.Color) *RadialGradient

NewRadialGradient creates a new radial gradient.

func (*RadialGradient) Generate

func (g *RadialGradient) Generate(iw, ih int) image.Image

Generate calculates an image of the gradient with the specified width and height.

func (*RadialGradient) Hide

func (g *RadialGradient) Hide()

Hide will set this gradient to not be visible

func (*RadialGradient) MinSize

func (o *RadialGradient) MinSize() fyne.Size

MinSize returns the specified minimum size, if set, or {1, 1} otherwise.

func (*RadialGradient) Move

func (g *RadialGradient) Move(pos fyne.Position)

Move the gradient to a new position, relative to its parent / canvas

func (*RadialGradient) Position

func (o *RadialGradient) Position() fyne.Position

Position gets the current position of this canvas object, relative to its parent.

func (*RadialGradient) Refresh

func (g *RadialGradient) Refresh()

Refresh causes this gradient to be redrawn with its configured state.

func (*RadialGradient) Resize

func (o *RadialGradient) Resize(size fyne.Size)

Resize sets a new size for the canvas object.

func (*RadialGradient) SetMinSize

func (o *RadialGradient) SetMinSize(size fyne.Size)

SetMinSize specifies the smallest size this object should be.

func (*RadialGradient) Show

func (o *RadialGradient) Show()

Show will set this object to be visible.

func (*RadialGradient) Size

func (o *RadialGradient) Size() fyne.Size

Size returns the current size of this canvas object.

func (*RadialGradient) Visible

func (o *RadialGradient) Visible() bool

Visible returns true if this object is visible, false otherwise.