Fyne API "fyne.Driver"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2"


type Driver

type Driver interface {
	// CreateWindow creates a new UI Window.
	CreateWindow(string) Window
	// AllWindows returns a slice containing all app windows.
	AllWindows() []Window

	// RenderedTextSize returns the size required to render the given string of specified
	// font size and style. It also returns the height to text baseline, measured from the top.
	RenderedTextSize(text string, fontSize float32, style TextStyle) (size Size, baseline float32)

	// CanvasForObject returns the canvas that is associated with a given CanvasObject.
	CanvasForObject(CanvasObject) Canvas
	// AbsolutePositionForObject returns the position of a given CanvasObject relative to the top/left of a canvas.
	AbsolutePositionForObject(CanvasObject) Position

	// Device returns the device that the application is currently running on.
	Device() Device
	// Run starts the main event loop of the driver.
	// Quit closes the driver and open windows, then exit the application.
	// On some some operating systems this does nothing, for example iOS and Android.

	// StartAnimation registers a new animation with this driver and requests it be started.
	// StopAnimation stops an animation and unregisters from this driver.

Driver defines an abstract concept of a Fyne render driver. Any implementation must provide at least these methods.