Fyne API "fyne.TextTruncation"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2"


type TextTruncation

type TextTruncation int

TextTruncation controls how a Label or Entry will truncate its text. The default value is TextTruncateOff which will not truncate.

Since: 2.4
const (
	// TextTruncateOff means no truncation will be applied, it is the default.
	// This means that the minimum size of a text block will be the space required to display it fully.
	TextTruncateOff TextTruncation = iota
	// TextTruncateClip will truncate text when it reaches the end of the available space.
	// TextTruncateEllipsis is like regular truncation except that an ellipses (…) will be inserted
	// wherever text has been shortened to fit.
	// Since: 2.4