Fyne API "theme.PrimaryThemedResource"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2/theme"


type PrimaryThemedResource

type PrimaryThemedResource struct {

PrimaryThemedResource is a resource wrapper that will return a version of the resource with the main color changed to the theme primary color.

func NewPrimaryThemedResource

func NewPrimaryThemedResource(orig fyne.Resource) *PrimaryThemedResource

NewPrimaryThemedResource creates a resource that adapts to the primary color for the current theme.

func (*PrimaryThemedResource) Content

func (res *PrimaryThemedResource) Content() []byte

Content returns the underlying content of the resource adapted to the current background color.

func (*PrimaryThemedResource) Name

func (res *PrimaryThemedResource) Name() string

Name returns the underlying resource name (used for caching).

func (*PrimaryThemedResource) Original

func (res *PrimaryThemedResource) Original() fyne.Resource

Original returns the underlying resource that this primary themed resource was adapted from