Upgrading to v2.4

The 2.4 release is fully backward compatible with 2.3.5 and earlier, so upgrading is as simple as updating the version of code you compile with. From thie v2.4.0 release of Fyne it requires Go 1.17, and so all projects are assumed to be using Go modules.


Open your go.mod file and alter the the require line to use version v2.4.0, or you can execute the following command inside the directory:

go get fyne.io/fyne/v2@v2.4.0

The next time you build or run your app it will be using the 2.4 API, showing the new curved corners in input widgets and selection.

Fyne command

You should update the fyne tool for v2.4.0 to get some of the new features and bug fixes. You can make the upgrade by using the go get command similarly to above:

go install fyne.io/fyne/v2/cmd/fyne@v2.4.0

After that completes, check you have the new version installed by running fyne version.


Although this release is backwards compatible so your code will compile and run as expected, there are some changes which you may notice.

  • Fyne now requires Go 1.17 - be sure to upgrade if you were on an earlier version
  • Using fyne.TextWrapOff as Entry.Wrapping to disable scrolling was confusing, instead you can now set Entry.Scroll to container.ScrollNone).
  • Refreshing an image will now happen in the current goroutine not render process, apps may wish to add async image load
  • Icons for macOS bundles are now padded and rounded, disable with “-use-raw-icon”
  • Accordion widget now fills available space - put it inside a VBox container for old behavior (#4126)