Fyne API "widget.DisableableWidget"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2/widget"


type DisableableWidget

type DisableableWidget struct {

DisableableWidget describes an extension to BaseWidget which can be disabled. Disabled widgets should have a visually distinct style when disabled, normally using theme.DisabledButtonColor.

func (*DisableableWidget) Disable

func (w *DisableableWidget) Disable()

Disable this widget so that it cannot be interacted with, updating any style appropriately.

func (*DisableableWidget) Disabled

func (w *DisableableWidget) Disabled() bool

Disabled returns true if this widget is currently disabled or false if it can currently be interacted with.

func (*DisableableWidget) Enable

func (w *DisableableWidget) Enable()

Enable this widget, updating any style or features appropriately.