Fyne API "widget.ListSegment"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2/widget"


type ListSegment

type ListSegment struct {
	Items   []RichTextSegment
	Ordered bool

ListSegment includes an itemised list with the content set using the Items field.

Since: 2.1

func (*ListSegment) Inline

func (l *ListSegment) Inline() bool

Inline returns false as a list should be in a block.

func (*ListSegment) Segments

func (l *ListSegment) Segments() []RichTextSegment

Segments returns the segments required to draw bullets before each item

func (*ListSegment) Select

func (l *ListSegment) Select(_, _ fyne.Position)

Select does nothing for a list container.

func (*ListSegment) SelectedText

func (l *ListSegment) SelectedText() string

SelectedText returns the empty string for this list.

func (*ListSegment) Textual

func (l *ListSegment) Textual() string

Textual returns no content for a list as the content is in sub-segments.

func (*ListSegment) Unselect

func (l *ListSegment) Unselect()

Unselect does nothing for a list container.

func (*ListSegment) Update

func (l *ListSegment) Update(fyne.CanvasObject)

Update doesnt need to change a list visual.

func (*ListSegment) Visual

func (l *ListSegment) Visual() fyne.CanvasObject

Visual returns no additional elements for this segment.