Fyne API "widget.ProgressBarInfinite"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2/widget"


type ProgressBarInfinite

type ProgressBarInfinite struct {

ProgressBarInfinite widget creates a horizontal panel that indicates waiting indefinitely An infinite progress bar loops 0% -> 100% repeatedly until Stop() is called

func NewProgressBarInfinite

func NewProgressBarInfinite() *ProgressBarInfinite

NewProgressBarInfinite creates a new progress bar widget that loops indefinitely from 0% -> 100% SetValue() is not defined for infinite progress bar To stop the looping progress and set the progress bar to 100%, call ProgressBarInfinite.Stop()

func (*ProgressBarInfinite) CreateRenderer

func (p *ProgressBarInfinite) CreateRenderer() fyne.WidgetRenderer

CreateRenderer is a private method to Fyne which links this widget to its renderer

func (*ProgressBarInfinite) Hide

func (p *ProgressBarInfinite) Hide()

Hide this widget, if it was previously visible

func (*ProgressBarInfinite) MinSize

func (p *ProgressBarInfinite) MinSize() fyne.Size

MinSize returns the size that this widget should not shrink below

func (*ProgressBarInfinite) Running

func (p *ProgressBarInfinite) Running() bool

Running returns the current state of the infinite progress animation

func (*ProgressBarInfinite) Show

func (p *ProgressBarInfinite) Show()

Show this widget, if it was previously hidden

func (*ProgressBarInfinite) Start

func (p *ProgressBarInfinite) Start()

Start the infinite progress bar animation

func (*ProgressBarInfinite) Stop

func (p *ProgressBarInfinite) Stop()

Stop the infinite progress bar animation