Fyne API "widget.TextSegment"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2/widget"


type TextSegment

type TextSegment struct {
	Style RichTextStyle
	Text  string

TextSegment represents the styling for a segment of rich text.

Since: 2.1

func (*TextSegment) Inline

func (t *TextSegment) Inline() bool

Inline should return true if this text can be included within other elements, or false if it creates a new block.

func (*TextSegment) Select

func (t *TextSegment) Select(begin, end fyne.Position)

Select tells the segment that the user is selecting the content between the two positions.

func (*TextSegment) SelectedText

func (t *TextSegment) SelectedText() string

SelectedText should return the text representation of any content currently selected through the Select call.

func (*TextSegment) Textual

func (t *TextSegment) Textual() string

Textual returns the content of this segment rendered to plain text.

func (*TextSegment) Unselect

func (t *TextSegment) Unselect()

Unselect tells the segment that the user is has cancelled the previous selection.

func (*TextSegment) Update

func (t *TextSegment) Update(o fyne.CanvasObject)

Update applies the current state of this text segment to an existing visual.

func (*TextSegment) Visual

func (t *TextSegment) Visual() fyne.CanvasObject

Visual returns the graphical elements required to render this segment.