Fyne API "widget.ToolbarSpacer"


import "fyne.io/fyne/v2/widget"


type ToolbarSpacer

type ToolbarSpacer struct {

ToolbarSpacer is a blank, stretchable space for a toolbar. This is typically used to assist layout if you wish some left and some right aligned items. Space will be split evebly amongst all the spacers on a toolbar.

func NewToolbarSpacer

func NewToolbarSpacer() *ToolbarSpacer

NewToolbarSpacer returns a new spacer item for a Toolbar to assist with ToolbarItem alignment

func (*ToolbarSpacer) ToolbarObject

func (t *ToolbarSpacer) ToolbarObject() fyne.CanvasObject

ToolbarObject gets the actual spacer object for this ToolbarSpacer