GUI Overview

Graphical applications are often more complicated to create than web based or command line applications. Fyne changes this by utilizing the great design of Go to make building beautiful graphical applications simple and fast.

For a graphical application to work we need to create a window and ask the app to run. Doing so will start the event handling code that responds to user input and updates the screen as our code runs.

This example creates a new application with a single window with the title “Hello”. Inside this window we place a single label containing the text “Hello Fyne!”.

package main

import (

func main() {
	myApp := app.New()
	myWindow := myApp.NewWindow("Hello")

	myWindow.SetContent(widget.NewLabel("Hello Fyne!"))


Once the window content is set we show it and run the application (Window.ShowAndRun() is a shortcut for Window.Show() && App.Run()). After calling Run() or ShowAndRun() our application will run and the function will return after the window has been closed.